Recent UFO Videos

Below, you will be able to view recent UFO footage of events which have been reported on TV and radio from all around the world.

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UPN News, Channel 13 Investigative Report about strange anomalies on the Moon. A very good report !!

The Moon Anomalies

What was the FLASH that an Apollo astronaut saw ??

Apollo 16 Moon Mission... UFO's described

Official NASA footage

Astronaut Catherine (Cady) Coleman alerts Mission Control about a UFO

Evidence found in old Airforce handbook about Aliens and what to do.

What to do about Aliens

Documentary about Russian Ministry of Defence papers stating about their knowledge of UFO's

Russian Ministry of Defence papers

Documentary about the "Incident at RAF Bentwater" in 1980 (15 mins. long)

Incident at RAF Bentwater

UFO's .... Are they more classified than the H-Bomb ??

UFO's ......

Founder of SETI - Frank Drake, admits he could be part of UFO cover-up

Frank Drake-part of UFO cover-up

Spanish government goes public on Top Secret UFO files

Spanish UFO files

NASA explanation of Face on Mars and other anomalies

Life on Mars...Cydonia - Video #1

Life on Mars...Cydonia - Video #2

Famous 60 foot UFO over Mexico City - 1997

Mexico City - 1997

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