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The following was almost not posted. It seemed too incredable to think about and the feeling that it was just too preposterous to believe, was overwhelming.

Then, when I arrived home from work, an attorney, with whom I have only a passing acquaintance with, walked in and sat down, and asked me what I knew about the Earth's poles shifting. I was dumbfounded. When I told him what I knew, It was his turn to be dumbfounded. Since my own comments are below and includes the link to Richard Hoagland's research, I thought you would be interested to know the information this person imparted to me. I can assure you, it was what made me know I had to go foward with this:

The attorney had just returned from a trip, wherein he happened to spend some time with an old friend of his. A person of high intelligence, who works with or for the government and flies around in black helicopters. The friend confided in him, that the people with whom he works, at the upper echelons, are all extremely concerned about, that the Earth's poles are already in the process of shifting. It had begun to bother him, so he was sharing it.

The attorney found himself quite thrown by the information he'd recieved from his friend and was wondering if there was a way to confrim it. He commented on how it was quite difficult to get on about one's life, while his mind considered the implications of this.

There was one other comment made by my new friend, "Quasars have disapeared. They haven't been seen for a year and a half...and no one seems to know why".


Thirty-seven years ago, the hymen or our Social Consciousness was breached, when our Nation was raped by the brutal assassination of John F. Kennedy. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, we have been traveling the Yellow Brick Road, ever since looking for the Great Wizard to tell us how to get home. Still in shock from the brutality of that early experience, we have watched in utter dismay as the abuse to our Social Consciousness has continued unabated and shamefully ever more openly ever since.

Today, owing perhaps to our early denial that anyone in power could do such a thing, we are living under chem-trailed skies, our children are being drugged routinely, we are being scared into submissionn by planned destruction, such as those in Waco and Oklahoma City. Anyone who objects is either out-right murdered, or placed into prison on trumped-up charges in order to silence them. There is no longer any question the the monster we call government is indeed at war with..."We The People".

Our problem is that "We The People" are still playing by the old rules. We continue to think we must be ladies and gentlemen and behave ourselves in a socially responsible ways. So we dutifully pay our taxes and obey the increasingly illegal laws and the executive orders that the silvered tongued devil at its head castigates us with a stroke of his blood-soaked pen. On the other hand, this rougue government, which has no true Constitutional basis in its current form, plays only by its own rules...rules which it changes to fit its whims.

As we sit here today in face of the increased violence of a government gone awry, we wonder how we got here. And as we begin to awaken to our reality, we begin to consider the motivation of such a ruling deity. Power, we think, and then helplessly return to our little lives. Then an election comes along, wherein all the dirty linen of this brutal government is aired on Florida's political clothesline and heretofore unthinkable questions begin to emerge:

Why did Al Gore, whose push to force himself into the presidency, can only, ultimately destroy him politically, keep pushing the envelop of political suicide ? This is not a stupid man, after all. Yet he was willing to to risk it all, by literally stealing an election, and flaunting an outright coup. What is really at stake here, that would cause him to take such risks ? We can only surmise he knows something we don't. Some overriding revelation that makes a literal political coup worth it. What could it be ? After all, if he had played nice, he would have had a very good chance to be elected in 2004. What is the motivation...the overriding intent that this man MUST be President of the United States...NOW ?

We have for some time been wondering about the FEMA Executive Orders, the Concentration Camps, the Grumman contract for railroad cars with the built-in shackles, the Martin Marietta earth tunneler, the complex that lies under the new Denver Airport, FEMA's duplicate government, Mount Weather and its amazing complex of facilities located all over the country and purportedly connected underground, the fully sustainable underground complex connected to the BART in San Francisco, and who knows how many facilities about which we have no knowledge about. Then there is the refusal to acknowledge the Roswell incident, where the corporate-military complex stole the alien technology. The realization that America was declared bankrupt, so that our assets might be turned over to a corporation owned by multi-national interests...The Federal Reserve, the clandestine obfuscationn of the original, ratified 13th Amendment, which automatically makes criminals of just about everyone now in political office. The non-ratification of the Income Tax Amendment which means income taxes are illegal. The giving away of our precious national reserves and monuments to the United Nations. The tricking us into becoming federal citizens by making us think that Social Security is mandatory. The realization that the Supreme Court itself has ruled that our Income Tax system is voluntary (that is why tax problems are settled in a tax court, because no legal laws are broken, only tax code)! The CAFRs which contain enough money to pay off the National Debt and fund our country for eternity without the need for income taxes. The refusal to acknowledge the UFO experience of so many..."We, The people", the maiming of its soldiers with chemicals, manufacturing AIDS and other diseases and inflicting them upon us. The list of revelations both hearsay and factual goes on and on and on....And all paid the way....with our money.


"Let us have your we can spray Angent Orange on your sons", they said...and we gave it. "Give us your we can buy the leaders of other countries out from under their fledgling democracies", how gracious of us...we gave that too. "Give us your we can import massive amounts of cocaine into our streets". "Give us your we can build underground complexes and create a pseudo government and not tell you about it". And how good we were. "WE, The People" gave until it hurt (and hurt it did), every April 15th. And just to make sure you don't get any ideas about waking up to what we are doing...give us more more money, so we can create para-military groups to destroy you individually, by separating you out from the herd. We'll just take a few of you down around the edges, you understand, a legitimate gun dealer here, a homeschooling mother there, so the rest of you will remember that WE OWN YOUR FREEDOM and can take it away at a moments notice. And we gave them money for that too. So they created the IRS, the ATF, and NSA.

Hmmmm...MAYBE WE should THANK AL GORE.....

With the help of Richard Hoagland's crew and the good people who write on these articles, as well as the millions of Americans who are even now, awakening to the realization, that they "aren't in Kansas anymore". the election fiasco itself, is bringing the crisis to our dinner tables. Why did Al Gore risk political suicide ? We ask again. And why were the Florida's Supreme Court Justices willing to destroy their integrity to help him do it ? Something is terribly rotten in the ignominious halls of politics. "Nothing new", you say ! And you'd be right. In fact, probably something that is literally thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of years old. "How can that be"...we can only ask, incredulously.

Ignorance is a funny thing. A society will wallow in and do what it is told, as long as it has something to lose. In America, we have been taught that it is FREEDOM that we have to lose. We have dutifully believed this fact. We hear it in our collective voice as we tell each other, "well, the government has just taken away a little more of our freedom, but I guess we are still the best government on earth. And what can I do after all...I'm only one person". So we roll over to our everyday lives, continuing on as though nothing happen. It is only when a crisis, such as a blotched election, brings to light the underlying layers of the monster that we begin to understand the unthinkable...WE HAVE NEVER BEEN FREE. It isn't freedom they have taken away from us, but our Illusion of Freedom !! Remember the movie "INSTINCT", with Anthony Hopkins and Cuba Gooding Jr. ?? The entire profound and absolutely naked message of that movie was epitomized when the inmate(Hopkins) has the psychiatrist(Gooding), by the neck and tells him he has three chances to get it right. "What is it that I am taking from you"?? Hopkins roars, tightening his grip on Goodings neck. Finially, at the last try, he relizes it..."the Illusion", he says...and Hopkins lets him go.

The fact is...America, although absolutely about freedom, has in fact, never been free. Indeed, the very fact that we allow slavery to continue and women to be subjugated, even under a Constitution that declared ALL men are created equal, tells us that we had built in an inherent weakness in our government. It was only a matter of time before this weakness would be exploited and ultimately used to destroy us. After all, if the founding fathers could say the words about freedom, yet walk the walk of slavery even back then....what makes us any different today? Only today we are ALL slaves to this system. We are but cows in the field that is becoming increasingly smaller. How do they keep us in the proverbial pen?? By threatening to take away our freedom !!! What a joke !


The fact is, no one can take away something from you that you cannot be given in the first place. And "Freedom" is not a thing that can be given or taken away. It is owned by the individual's state of mind or it is not.....period!! Freedom is something that you give your self by focusing on it...or you deny yourself by focusing on fear. Fear is what (they) have told you freedom is. They are wrong. And any man who looks inside of him/herself knows this immediately. Freedom is consciousness itself. It is our inherent right as human beings. It is not for any (them) out there to take it is only our choice to let it go, by giving its incredible power over to fear, which allows them, to use it to create the illusion. Not the President, for all of his Executive Orders, nor the U.S. Congress, for all of its illegal laws supporting its cronies to fatten its own wallets, nor the potential of Al Gore or even Geroge Bush, can ultimately take away one ounce of freedom, because they do not own our freedom. WE own it !! No one can GIVE us liberty, because Liberty is conferred upon us by the nature of consciousness itself. That is why the Constitution was written as it was. It was a document NOT to confer liberty upon man, who ALREADY owned ALL liberty entirely, but to LIMIT THE POWER OF GOVERNMENT. And every politician either KNOWS this fact, OR is totally ignorant and should not be in government.


There is an old Jewish Proverb that says, "If you can ask the can find the answer, because the answer itself is always inherent in the question". Fellow is now time to carve the we ask again, EXACTELY...Why did Al Gore risk political suicide ??


Answer: Al Gore could have only risked political suicide, if there is to be another election. What if, he knows, with a certainty that this is the last election there will ever be for the American way of life ? The Enterprise Mission suggests that as unthinkable as it might seem, this is exactly what is happening. And thus the unthinkable is playing out on America's political stage.

While our attention is busily focused on the obviously ridiculous question about wether dimpled chads should or shouldn't have counted, there is the ending of a great cycle playing out in the heavens above us. We have seen the indescribable SOHO pictures and wondered, as many in NASA have, what they mean. You will find a couple of the more important ones at the following page:

As the site suggests, it is not possible for any truely awake human being to look at these pictures and not be profoundly changed. How can we ever look at our Illusion the same way again ??

Back to the topic at hand...THE POLARITY SHIFT

The Enterprise Mission puts the entire scenario together. The Earth is about to undergo an incredible shift in polarity. This shift may cause great damage and death. may not. No one knows for sure what it means. But the information regarding this shift has been known for eons among the Dogon people and is also known by certain factions of our world society who decided long ago to keep it for themselves and use it for their own benefit. Be sure to check out the first half of this well researched treatise at:

Bill Clinton, Al Gore and George Bush, the FEMA duplicate government, many judges, most of the Congress, the Military's top brass, et al, KNOW that this polar shift is about to occur. And so do the crown heads of Europe. Along with the shift, will come our dubious "friends" from another world. In this process, Earth will understandably go through a great upheaval. Those that have this information have been busy building underground facilities in which they figure to survive with their families. The rest of us will be left to die...they think!! Whoever is is in power at the time of this crisis, will have control over the underground facilities. His side will be the ones to presumably survive. And therein lies the answer to our question:

Al Gore (must) be President now, so that (his side) will have control over the underground bunkers and therefore survive the coming pole shift and come out the other side still in charge. Thhat can only mean that sometime within the next four years, this shift must be expected to happen. After talking to my friend, it is becoming clear that this shift is already in process and may soon be upon us.

While I think this is absolutely astounding information, I do not believe we have alot to worry about. (More about that later). And indeed, if all the bad guys are underground, then what a great way for the Earth to simply...leave them there...(too delicious not to at least consider)...and maybe they'll take their chads with them !!!


What is about to happen is absolutely phenomenal. And we will have the front row seats. Should we be careful ?? You bet. Afraid ?? NEVER !! It is obvious that all of us that are aware of it have been given engraved invitations to the party of the millennium. I for one, wouldn't miss it for the world !!

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