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DIRECTIONS: In center of applet, type a username of your choice, your email addy. Click on (CONNECT), and then you will be prompted to put in a password...maybe...of your choice, and and the chat room will open momentarily...PLEASE BE PATIENT...the applet for the room sometimes takes awhile. When you want to type a message, put it at the bottom of the applet window, type what you wish and then press ENTER on keyboard. When you want to quit your session in the chat room, type /quit and hit ENTER on keyboard. Another note of interest: If the nick that you have chosen comes up in room as "GUEST", you can change it at this time, by typing /nick and the one you want to show up in the room. i.e. /nick Bob . Then click ENTER. If you are having any problems...please email me at


I hate making rules of conduct for our room, so I'll be short and sweet !!! PLEASE.....for the sake of others in the room, keep your language CLEAN and NO offensive words. A warning will be given, if you do, and if you will be kicked out of the room. Oh....and one more thing....NO ARGUING or SPITTING please !!

- Chatroom Administrators -
Bob and Dolores

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