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"Extra-terrestrials: What Are They Waiting For"

Two elderly people sitting on a bench, looking at the sky. "Why do UFO's always disapear, they never come down to see us? Maybe they are looking for intelligent life"...says the other. If this joke makes us smile, it is because we know it could well be true. Most people who question the extra-terrestrial origin of the UFO phenomenon, argue that they could well come down at any moment and show themselves openly to everyone. What are they waiting for ?? To answer, we need to concider the matter from the extra-terrestrial's point of view. What would be the conditions for an extra-terrestrial race to make an official contact with the intelligent life of another planet ?

There are 3 conditions which seem critical for any interplanetary contact to take place.

The first condition is a matter of scienntific maturity. There is no point arriving in a primitive world which has not developed a scientific understannding of the universe. If coming from the sky causes fear or religious beliefs, there could not be a propoer understanding between the two races. One has to have developed the concept of a universe populated with stars and planets on which other living forms may live.

The second condition is a matter of political maturity, with the need of a planetary government or representation. There is no point arriving in a world that is made of several separate entities and is not unified under a planetary body. One cannot favor one country or one race above the other. For an interplanetary contact to take place, one must wait until all the different parts of the planet communicate with each other and a planetary civilization has developed.

The third critical condition, is that both parties must be willing. We are speaking of an interplanetary contact here, not an invasion. How do you think the landing of a huge soacecraft in the middle of a big city will look like. It could be very disruptive and turn what should be a friendly meeting into an indescribable chaos. We must be prepared and expect their coming and in one way or another, we must show them our willingness for them to come.

But that is not enough. They also need to be willing to come down. If they feel threatened, they just won't. How could they meet with a humanity which doesn't even respect its own race ? How could they want to meet with people who oppress and kill each other for a difference of religion or skin color ? If we cannot even accept our own differences, how could we accept theirs ? Therefore, it is not enough to be willing to welcome them, we need also to demonstrate that we are peaceful and loving, that we have reached a spiritual maturity. Out of these three conditions, two are already fulfilled. We are now "technically" ready for an official contact. We have reached the scientific maturity when it is possible to welcome people from the sky, without mystifying them for Gods, angels or other supernatural beings. We could now meet with Extra-terrestrials and understand who thet really are.

With the creation of the United Nations in 1945, we fulfill the second condition. We have now the necessary planetary representation we need for the contact. All the different cultures that compose our world and were once separated, are becoming unified and our plannet can now be seenn as a single entity. 1945, the year of the atomic bomb and the creation of the UN, marks the date of our scientific annd political maturity. Curiously enough, it is also since 1945, that the UFO phenomenon has started to make the headlines. It has generated an enormous interest. Which leads us to the third condition, to show our desire to welcome peacefully another civilization from space.

But for our humanity to be willing to make contact with an extra-terrestrial race, we need first to have been informed of their presence and their desire to contact us. The problem is how could an extra-terestrial race make themselves known to us without making official contact ? To be willing to welcome someone, we need to know who they are and what are their intentions towards us. How can they do it without having direct contact beforehand ? And this is the fascinating story of the remarkable psychological preparations of our humannity by Extra-terrestrials.

This was a small analogy.....courtesy of Aymonier

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When becoming involved with the subject of ufology at any level, we are faced with the fact that things are seen in the sky by different individuals, that are not explainable as anything we know about, or have seen before. I suppose that's why it's so important to understand that UFO, means " Unidentified Flying Object". Does that mean they are extraterrestrial and from another world ?? Not necessarily. 90% of what people see are explainable objects, either caused by natural phenomenon, (planets, stars, comets, balls lightening, etc.), or man-made by us here on earth, such as airplanes, balloons, etc. The remaining 10% continues to mystify us, many times reported by credible individuals, with no logical explanation for what they have seen or experienced. If they are in fact craft from another world, are they unmanned probes or are they controlled by living beings of some sort ?? If and when it's proven that these UFOs are actually maneuvered or controlled by living beings from somewhere other than the earth, then the answer to the question "Are We Alone", might finially be known.

I have as many others have, read many of the books about aliens, and have interviewed several witnesses claiming to have actually had experiences with alien life forms. I'm not qualified to be judgmental on what I was told, but I honestly believe that many that shared their experiences with me (did) actually experience something, and felt a deep obligation to at least listen to them. When possible, I referred them to more qualified professional researchers to pursue their experiences.

Years ago I reported the planet Venus as being a UFO, only to find out that I was mistaken. Who could argue with the fact that the F-117 or B-2 Stealth aircraft, at certain angles of observation, could easily be mistaken for a UFO. How many other newly developed craft are in our possession that the public doesn't know anything about, because they are still classified for national security, which is a viable reason for not making them public.

The research of this subject almost places one in a "Catch 22" situation. I know in my case as a researcher and investigator, I want to be told, if in fact we have alien craft and/or alien beings in our possession. On the other hand, I do not want any foreign threats to our nation because we publicly told the world about new technology or craft that we're developing. I no longer believe that the public would panic over the news that we are not alone in the universe, as was more educated and open minded to such possibilities. Perhaps the people in charge in our government or military don't believe that, or maybe, and this would be a worse scenario, this is the Government's way of controlling us. After al, "IF" we have been in the past and are currently being visited by extraterrestrials from another world, as many believe, maybe our military and political leaders can't do anything about it, consequently until they can, if they ever can, they won't admit it exists, because I believe that would cause concern among the masses. Unfortunately, in many instances, we no longer know whether to believe our leaders or not, based on their records for the past several years with such things as Vietnam, IranContra, Watergate, and the fact that we have four excuses for the Roswell Incident. In some of the Air Force reports about the Roswell Incident, there were no bodies, then there were bodies, but they were anthropomorphic dummies. They were 3 1/2 ft. to 5 ft. tall .... the dummies were 5'-8" to 5'-10" and not even used until several years after the Roswell Incident. We no longer know if we're being told the truth ot not.

Just within recent years Scientists, Engineers and Astronomers have been talking about the "possibility" of life elsewhere in the universe. The odds are just too great, concidering the number of stars and planets that are out there to think we're alone. That would be taking our own egotism to the maxium. That type of thinking by professional, respected individuals, of itself is good news, but I still have a problem with the universal statement usually made by those type people that, "life as we know it", might exist somewhere else. Where in the rulebook does it say that it has to be lfe as we know it ?? To me, this shows the limitations of the human mind to be able to only associate with things we already know about. Who's to say that they breathe oxygen and walk upright ?? Perhaps they crawl on their stomachs, (if they have them), and breathe sulfuric acid. I cannot rule out the fact that if they can get here from wherever they are from, they are drastically different from us, and are so far advanced of us that we cannot possibly understand or relate to anything connected with them. I believe it was Stanton Friedman who once said, "intelligence-wise, we humans are trying to get into the pre-school of the universe".

Also, if life doesn't exist anywhere in the universe other than on this little blob of mud and water we call earth, why are we and other countries spending the billions of dollars we spent tp search for other life forms out in space ?? That money could certainly be used for our benefit here on earth to fight poverty, help our environment and other things that are drastically needed, or out of control in many instances. If aliens from another world do exist, why would they want to communicate with us ?? We seem to be destroying the planet as fast as we can with pollution, cutting down rain forests, and depleting the ozone layer. We can't get along with our neighbors, other ethnic groups and certainly not wih other countries, so what realistically could we offer to a life form, so advanced that they can get here, but we can't go there yet ?? I hope there is a civilization somewhere with higher intelligence than us. Just maybe we can learn from them .... before it's too late !!! I had a forth grade art teacher who once said, "man will somday get so smart, he will destroy himself". I have never forgotten that statement and during the cold war, believed it might actually happen.

Recently, a nationwide poll of nearly 1,500 people (including a number of leading astronomers and astrophysicists), was conducted by the syndicated cable television show Dateline:USA, which found that more than 70 persent of those surveyed, believe there is intelligent life in the universe, perhaps even in our own Milky Way Galaxy. 70% is a higher persentage number than most politicians recieve to be elected. Is it time for our leaders to listen to the people that put them in office, and get back to our Constitution which stats with "We the people" ??

The opinion of those surveyed, were evenly divided on whether aliens would be hostile or not. Nearly 80% of those surveyed were convinced that alien technology would be more advanced than ours, which of course it would have to be, simply to be able to get here, across millions of light years of space. So, there are probably "just not aliens, but intelligent aliens".

In my opinion, recent missions and probes by NASA have done alot to again stir interest in this age-old question: Are We Alone ?? Hopefully that question can be answered in our lifetime.

Virtually all the respondents to the Dateline survey agreed that alien beings from other worlds will not "look like us". One surprising result of the survey to me, was the fact that 65% of those surveyed, felt that we'd be conquered or annihilated if an alien race invaded earth. If in fact aliens do exist and have been visiting our earth as long as many believe they have, would they not have had ample time to do that already, if in fact that was their motive for coming or being here?? Certainly our military is much more "high tech" today than it was only a few years ago to defend ourselves from any invasion. As much as I hate to admit it, maybe we're not worth invading, until we can get up to their level. But then again, if they are advanced enough to get here, will we ever get to that level ?? As the art teacher said....maybe we'll destroy ourselves. Could that be what they are waiting for ??

So I'm not answering the question, but prefer to let you decide...."Are We Alone" ?? Many indications seem to imply that we are not. If we are alone, maybe it's time we took a long look at ourselves before we get so smart that we destroy ourselves, because if that happened and we are alone in the universe, the earth would be a very quiet place and a terrible waste.



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